The wait is finally over. After many months of waiting patiently, our brand new, state of the art Dry-Ager unit has been installed and is up and running.

Sourced from Germany, it is the first of it’s kind to be imported into a restaurant in Australia, and we are thrilled that this new innovation will enhance the venue’s premium beef experience and further showcase our commitment to steak excellence.

The unit has been imported from German company Dry-Ager and will assist The Woohouse team to increase tenderness and taste of our premium grass fed and wagyu beef, preserving the beef cuts and intensifying flavour.

Temperature stability is most important for this process and the Dry Ager is regulated at a constant humidity of around 85 percent and a temperature of two degrees Celsius.

Renovation to the entrance of the restaurant was required to install the unit which presents a glass fronted specialized meat cabinet for our patrons to admire (and salivate) over the meat inside.